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This was a delightful game, the perfect amount of quirk, nostalgia, and originality. It reminded me of a deep-cut NES game called "Pinball Quest" that combined pinball with an RPG. This was a similarly fun, unique, and colorful world to play in too. Also, this felt like the perfect length.

The final area was really tough, but I like that if you failed enough you could charge up and use the potion tech to fully heal.

The only thing I wish is that you could buy more in the shops, such as different bowling ball parts for your Customize menu. I would have liked to experiment with that a little more because after I found a build I liked I stopped messing with it. Either way, great game!

Pinball Quest was a big inspiration for this :) thanks for playing, glad you figured out my attempt at an anti frustration feature in the Potion after failures routine