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Very interesting creature you have there! There seems to be one glaring issue, though: Its core is quite unprotected, and even though most species will fit into its stomachs just fine, having an Advena with its spikes stuck in there would be rather risky, no?

Seems that this creature (nicknamed by myself as Gluttony, akin to your creature's name) here has found a solution: Not only has it reduced its stomach count to 1, but it's also decked out with stunning-type eaters (presumably to attract more nutrients and neutralize enemy weapons) and inward-pointing claws (perhaps a primitive form of digestion for emergencies?). These creatures sure can produce the most interesting of results when left to their own devices...*

* Creature did not actually evolve into this form through natural means. This creature is made by yours truly. Credit goes to you for the idea and concept behind Greed.