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Alright, first things first... thanks for letting me know that you had two new games kicking around on the internet! I really appreciated the heads up on that one, because I really enjoyed "Another normal day"!

OK, now that the civilities are out of the way, let's get to Bill's Hotel, and boy was it an experience. It's really hard to nail down Dema Studios' games into one specific genre, because they really do traverse several boundaries, mostly between a vague narrative, platforming, psychological horror / thriller, suspense and downright kookiness.

You wouldn't think that throwing all of that into a blender and whirring it up until you get some kind of funky game goop would be a good idea, but it just seems to come together in some wondrous way like when you throw a load of leftover booze into a jug and end up accidentally making a fabulous cocktail.

The story is lurking around in the background, popping its head out now and again to say hi in between the subversive imagery and metaphor, and then by the time you finally realise what's going on you're thrust back out into the non-digital world wondering what the heck happened and why you feel the sudden urge to burn all of your money, clothes and house and go live in the woods somewhere.

Solid 5/7, would lose my mind again. Keep up the great work! =)

Oh yeah, and J QRZN!