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About halfway through (I think?) and Really enjoying your game! Brings back great memories of playing BT 1&2, Wizardry I, Ultima II & III, Devil Whiskey and a few other small ones.

You've done a fantastic job all around! Gameplay, graphics, overall theme & dungeon layouts, spells/magic system, monsters, music..all of it. I've tried making a similar game and even with others helping with coding, it was too difficult. So I appreciate all the talented work you've put into this! And haven't had any crashes! (playing latest v1.22)

If okay, I'd like to email you to discuss a few things? Looks like you've provided contact info below in the comments.

Quick question: it seems my 2 warriors (Fighter & Paladin) are still doing the same damage even tho they both now have multiple swings per turn.. even 4 'hits' produces same general damage as back when they each could only swing once..? They've both max'd out on STR (i.e, 20).

Thank you very much! It was a blast programming this game. It required a lot of planning, especially the intertwine of spells, items, stats and monsters.
I just quick-checked the multiple swings issue, it seems to be fines for my savegames. Number of hits as well as damage per hit is going up for Paladins and Warriors. It depends a bit on the weapon though. If you want, you can send me your savegame(s) and I'll have a look into it.
Be free to email me at :-)