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I really dig the whole pier - amusement park combo you have going on! There aren't many horror games that go with that theme.
Generally, as a concept of work your game is pretty good. The visual aspect is impressive for an indie game, especially the use of atmospheric fog and skylight that resemble a lot the Silent Hill series. Same applies for the sound. It is convincing, but the creaking sound effect of the pier appears to be a notch louder than it should be. (More of an audio mixing issue, I guess.)
Regarding the gameplay aspect, it is simple yet manages to make you feel vulnerable mainly because of the fog. One of the mechanics that stands out is the use of the flashlight as a "weapon". I think it has potential to be more and as an idea it is cool.
I managed to get all 6 parts of the doll, but there wasn't anything else I could do to finish the game, which again is understood, since this build is more of concept of work rather than a full fledged demo.
The concept is cool and so is the setting. I believe if you keep adding to the game it has a lot of potential!
I wish you the best!


Thank you so much for the comment :) I am actually changing the style a bit to a Tim Burton realistic Style. Creating more of a wacky, creepy atmosphere is something games aren't doing and it definitely works in this environment. Weekly updates will be applied if you want to join the ride!

That's awesome! I think the Tim Burton art style is even better for your approach! Yeah horror games lately depend only on jumpscares to scare the player. Sure, I'll keep an eye for the updates!