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Key is located in Dresser Drawers or Cabinet Drawer. Its A White/Grey color key. It's medium sized. You wont miss it.

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I agree. I got critism that it's too much. Demo will be updated one more time with all the intended features that were removed and fix the things described.

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1. Drawers/anything interactable. 

You must look at the handle to open, you can't just just press E on the drawer. It works, you also need to crouch if you cant seem to reach.

2. This is a linear story Game, so the part where he comes in and it gets dark, you are not supposed to see. Its purpose was supposed to creep you out with all the bangs and destruction(this may have failed without the actual monster model or just plain failed).

3. The key appears in the cabinet or Dresser drawers. I haven't had a problem finding it.

4. The Vhs look and noise will be decreased.

5. Door banging, I will remove it after it plays for a few seconds.

6.Walking speed will be slightly increased.

7. The critism is amazing. There were multiple functions and gameplay removed to give a quick idea about the chapter. I will update this soon with the intended features and your feedback!! I'm going to fix the loss of direction also.


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Updated!! Fixed! Thank you so much for posting this video!! :)

Pshhh. Update is out. :)

Thank youuuuuu!!! :) Love watching all these videos!!

Good, good!!

Next update tomorrow!! :) I definitely will look into how to make items around the pier(especially the buttons) a bit easier to see.

Thank you for playing!!! :)

:) Update 9/14! See ya there maybe !

Thank you so much for the comment :) I am actually changing the style a bit to a Tim Burton realistic Style. Creating more of a wacky, creepy atmosphere is something games aren't doing and it definitely works in this environment. Weekly updates will be applied if you want to join the ride!

I will fix it! Thank you for telling me!

Added on the To Do List

for the next update! Thank you! :)

It may be bug, but I haven't gotten something like that. I will try to break the game soon. As for you doing it wrong, if that is the case,

Add the potato in fryer.

Press Button for fries.

When it beeps you  got around 10 seconds to get the potato out.

Put it in the fry area, not the chicken nuggets.

Works? Ta Dah :)

Haa Next update will add some very nice touches and an "ending". :)

Working on it as I type :P Area expanding with an amusement park, new objectives and fixed several bugs already! Nice seeing you again !