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So the art style and sound design are gorgeous and haunting but the gameplay itself is clumsy at best and downright frustrating at worst. The amount of time between attempts is far too long do to the drawn out sting on death, having to repeatedly look at whatever objects are a the beginning of the room and the general slow pace of the game. Adding on top of all that, there is far too much trial and error gameplay and the instant death with a long wait to retry plays into how frustrating that becomes. It seems like there is an interesting story here and, again, that art and sound are fantastic, but there's a lot of little things that make the game tedious that are holding it all back. 

Hi ! Thank you for playing Incubo. We will fix those bugs you find ASAP.  We apologize if there is  many things that make you frustrate,  the game still on progress and we will make it more fun to play in full version. Thank you !!

I just hope you found the feedback useful!