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I'm totally gunning for the 30$ kickstarter option totally for the artbook I wanted to go for the 100$ but 30$ is already my entire month's allowance :'))))

Omigosh!! OAO
I'm so thrilled that you are considering giving us any money for the kickstarter!!!
I've never made an art book before, so, was wondering what kind of content you'd like to see in it :D
I'd be happy for any suggestions!!! <3

hmm, most artbooks I collect usually feature full chara bios, chara concept art, the official art, chara trivia, the relationship chart, blah blah blah... exclusive art for the artbook only...

Awesome, thanks for your feedback! OwO
I'll be sure to include all of those things~

;3; *Whispers* "Sexy character poses"