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Hi, I’m writing this “bug report” after updating the game yesterday (w64 version, 14/02/2022), as it appears the update may have broken the desktop icon for some reason. It’s not a default godot one.

Programming do be like that sometimes, I guess.


The game should come with its own game icon instead of a default Godot one imo. Something like this:

As a matter of fact, it used to! It was the Heart item icon from the game’s inventory system. It apparently broke with a recent update, for some reason. Hell, it was much more elegant than the GOG style icon you’re proposing. Looked pretty good next to Vomitoreum and Hedon.

Hopefully Miz takes a peek at the comments and notices! This shouldn’t be too hard a fix.


The latest update seems to have fixed it again and you where right: that heart icon for the shortcut looks cool.