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Aaah so sorry for the late reply. We discussed your comment after reading your post. :O
So here's what we concluded: We totally understand you're suggestion comes from. And we'd love to be on as many media channels as possible, but right now we just don't have time for tumblr. ;___;
We'd need to plan out what we post on tumblr to make it worthwhile to follow. Especially now that we're in a high production phase and Pectin's just getting used to the BL+ Instagram account, setting up tumblr and writing appropriate posts for it just isn't in our time budget rn. We thought that it'd be sensible to make a BL+ tumblr account in the future tho! So thank you for the push :3

And oh gee we're glad you found us and //TODO: today!
We wish you much of success with your project in the future and hope you'll have fun during the process as well! uwu