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I made a Mac and Linux version now. But I can't test  them and hope they are working !!

Would be awesome if you give feedback! 

Sorry for the wait. I tried the mac version. It seems to work fine. It seems to lag a little, but I don't think it's a problem with the game; for some reason, my computer will lag on some games even when they have simple graphics and nearly everything that would cause it to run slow is taken care of. 

As for game feedback, it wasn't what I was expecting to say the least. Based on the pictures, I thought it was going to be about floating and that the gameplay would be slow. The mechanic of light being the platform was pretty interesting and has a lot of potential (I was expecting for the game to reset if I touched darkness); how did you manage to program that?

By the way, are there multiple ending? I was wondering because I was unable to reach the ledge where you first see the butterflies.

Hi ! Sorry that it wasn´t what you expected ! There are no multiple endings sry. But perhabs i will develop it further after the gamejam ratings!

I programmed  it completely with raycast and distance calculations. I had no time to use some complex solution because the game is  a gamejam entrie.