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It's nice to hear about the Undo/Redo! :D

If you can import/export png sequences that's enough for me, I don't care too much about animated gifs :)

I've tried rendering after changing the Output Scale but I fear I couldn't see the difference ^^U  I tested 100% and 10% so the difference should be clear, maybe it only works in the full version?

If you can't have separate effects per emitter that would be a pity :(  If the effects aren't separated you cannot choose a palette for each of them, wich I think it's totally necessary (for example, you could choose a palette for explosion and another one for smoke, etc.). Couldn't you maybe draw each layer/emitter to a different image, then apply the effects individually, and finally show those images combined?  I think this is a really necessary feature.

Exporting PNG sequences is now implimented, importing them still needs to be worked on. Animated gif stuff is proving to be a bit of a pain, but I haven't given up just yet.. I'd like to at least be able to save as GIF if only so it's easy to show off effects easily on twitter etc.

The output scale only affects the exported image, so it's not noticeable in the demo version. I should probably make it a bit clearer.

I'll think about the individual emitter effects a bit more, but I can think of quite a few technical issues that  could well get in the way. In the mean time, if you add palette colours that are close to the colour ranges each effect uses, then you can still achieve the effect you want. The provided explosion examples (in show fire + smoke in this way :)