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Thanks, Bogudan.

This bug is strange, it’s the first time I hear about. But I think it can happen if the character is too fast (but really too fast), then walls cannot process the collision. Thanks for reporting, I think I can solve placing a force outside the screen pushing him to center of the screen. Sorry for the problem.

It happened for me 3 times in FF 95 on Linux during today (was not able to end the game). 1st time this happened character moved over the top of the screen and when screen suddenly started scrolling down I thought that character moved too fast down to process any collisions or being rendered.

One possible workaround: add "abort" button which instakills character. This way if something wierd happens, player can just restart round.

Thanks for reporting and thanks for the suggestion. I am planning to improve the idea and release a full game (more stages, abilities, characters, etc) and I will use your suggestions.