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Hello again! I played SleepThrough and it was just amazing! I've read the comments you've left for others who have played and made videos and I definitely took away something completely different from the game. I guess I didn't quite put the pieces together like others have, but I certainly didn't enjoy it any less! (And reading the comments afterward, I can definitely understand the game better.)

Thank you!
Don't worry about it. The game is specifically designed to stimulate plot thinking even after you've played it.
So, it's all right! 😉
The most important thing is that you've enjoyed it. And this, for a developer, is much more rewarding than a correct theorization.
Again, thanks for the video! You absolutely deserve more subs.
Bye! 👋😉✌️

P.S. As you can see, I slightly edited your comment to include an embedded version of your video.


I tried to do the embedded but it didn't work right, so I just put the link in. Thank you again and I look forward to whatever you come up with next! :)