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Considering this has been coded in 2 days, it is truly amazing. I've been gaming for more than 25 years and I can clearly tell when a concept is good. The randomness of the item gathering, the starting premise and the trial and error that slowly gives you understanding of the game mechanics makes this game very entertaining. I would totally pay for a fully developed game around this and will surely contribute right now to this excellent concept. Congratulations guys, you have a LOT of talent. Keep 'em coming.


Thank you for all the praise that you gave us. Being acknowledged and appreciated is the most rewarding thing in the game development. They will be our fuel for months.

But to prevent discouraging others, I would like to say, that the qualities are mostly result of experience. At least that’s what I believe in. In years we did a lot of game jams, a lot of them even together. And with each of them the result is always noticebly better.