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World 3   enemies

Introducing the Enemies in World-3.

World-3 is horror/halloween themed and is reflected in the enemies’ design. The enemies have also gotten more difficult to deal with. World-3 is already pretty far into the game after all, it only makes sense that the difficulty would ramp up.

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First up, the jumping Pumpkin, it throws up 3 projectiles into the air upon death. The Pumpkin might seem easy to deal with because of its relatively slow movement speed, but those projectiles can often hurt you if you’re not paying close attention.

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The Bat. Once it sees the player, it will not stop giving chase. It also has the fastest movement speed (thus far) among all enemies, making it an immediately threat that must be quickly dealt with.

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Ghost. The Ghost reacts much like a certain character in a mario game. Come face-to-face with it and it will turn transparent, making it impossible to hit. The Ghost is also the only enemy type that can pass through solid wall.

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Floating Skull. The Skull shoots the fastest(and biggest) projectile yet. To balance the difficulty, it also takes slightly longer to charge up its shot compared to previous projectile-shooting enemies.