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Doesn't quite work for me, I get this screen when running.

Windows 8.1, 64-bit

Does this happen the first time you play the game, or on subsequent boot-ups? Are you able to get past the main menu? Also, can you try going to C:\Users(your name)\AppData\LocalLow\Streets of Rogue\Streets of Rogue and delete GameSettings.dat. AppData is a hidden folder, but it will work if you type it into the address bar.

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It happens every time. I also did what you said and it didn't change anything, and created a new GameSettings.dat

Also this is what comes up immediately when running the game, it seemingly doesn't respond to any keys and I need to Alt+F4 to close it.

What resolution is your monitor set to? Is there anything noteworthy/odd about your system? External peripherals?

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Yes, actually. I'm using a 32' TV monitor, and use 1360x768 resolution cause it doesn't support any higher. I'll try messing around with that.

Edit: Using 1280x768 actually runs it seeming perfectly fine, suppose it just doesn't support the resolution.. My bad if this was explained somewhere lol.


Interesting, I'll make a note of that. Resolution issues are still a thing.