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This is excellent work! I realize it's aimed more at folk magic, but if it were to be used for a more traditional fantasy setting, how would you go about handling offensive spells like fireball and lightning bolt? Would it be a case of using Brew to create the spell components? Or would the GM add a new Conduit? I notice the section on Elements mentions you can add your own, but Arts and Conduits don't, so I'm not sure if they're intended to be exhaustive lists.


I mean, you can add as you like, but the pieces are already right there. Here:

The Bonfire Reborn

(Fire-Conjuring Taglock)

The Taglock for this spell is the ashes left behind from a bonfire.  A pinch of these are drawn from whatever pouch, and exhorted to remember. They are then flung away as quickly as possible towards a target, as the ashes transform back into the flames of that fire for a few moments.

Ah, that makes sense, thanks for the example!


Anytime!  And, yeah, it takes a little extra thinking, like, I want this effect, that's Element-Art, but which Conduit?  But *most* of the usual fantasy magic effects are doable with a bit of messing around.