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Hello! I'm very intrigued by this 'Life-Changing Event', full of 'puzzles' to be 'solved'. I'd love to check it out, is there any hope for a Mac release? 

Hey there! I'm the coding side of Team Spaghetti!

Probably not before voting is over :-( I've never done anything with/for Macs before, but I'm happy to look into it! We've had requests to port it to mobile as well, so perhaps even a OSX/iOS port if it seems feasible.  

Cool, I'm looking forward to it :) 

Out of curiosity, what is Drone made in? 

We made it in the very newbie-friendly Game Maker: Studio. I've only been earnestly teaching myself to code for the last six months or so, so the gargantuan amount of tutorials and learner's resources available for it are a bit part of what made this possible.  Musik Kombat did most of the sounds and music in FL Studio, and the art (outside of a few menu button placeholders that I never got around to replacing!) was done in an open-source art program called Krita