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This is such a lovely, imaginative game! The world you created is so beautiful, and believable and intricate. I really loved all the details, like the thought you put into music and sound effects, the texture on the art and the sprites, the GUI. All the characters were distinct, likable, and complex, really, the writing is amazing! Even the humor was the right kind of lighthearted. I found everything to be very dream-like, and you were spot on in creating a magical narration!! Thank you for making such a lovely game!

xD oh em gee, thank you for playing The Villaintine and for your lovely comments :D (I apparently lack the penchant of saying more/rambling when I'm on the receiving end). But anyways, thanks for dropping by and playing this VN! I'm glad to see that I'm able to achieve the effect that I wanted (even though it was strictly time-limited and the hardships I conquered to finish it, anyways!). You're welcome :D