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Overall, I enjoyed playing through this game.

The primary reason I downloaded this was to test the value of's "Gamepad (Any)" Input category.
And... this game did provide good, relevant data.

I absolutely detest the fact that this game imposes its own controller scheme, and doesn't come with any way to disable it.
This is a game that would've actually been MORE controller-flexible if it didn't contain ANY controller recognition code. Since controller profilers (like JoyToKey) do exist, not including any controller code would've actually given this game better controller options!

Also, this game DOES have keyboard defaults, so it could've also been categorized as a Keyboard game, and (I believe) Itch's Gamepad category doesn't actually need to exist. All of the special gamepad code that this game provides is completely coercive, can't be disabled, and is not something any publishing site should be proud of.