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Well, I played it! And liked it a whole lot! The visual design of the characters is very lovely to look at. I like their sparkly appearances and different colors, and the mouth animation was interesting, 'cause I think images in vns are usually static. I could be wrong though. The characters themselves were also interesting. 

I did try to solve the impossible puzzle a few times, before dropping it and working on the next two. The puzzles themselves were fun to do. At first, I had trouble understanding what was being asked of me, and how to do it, but I figured it out in the end, so the difficulty was appropriate. 

I decided to play your game was because of the characters' pretty appearances (I just love sparkly things, ok) and because it was a puzzle game. I love puzzles. At any rate, if you make another game, with or without puzzles, I'd happily play it!