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Adding the "recommended for you" tab to the browse page is probably a good idea.  I tend to forget that it's there, since it is buried halfway down the front page, and because on the front page it always shows the same few projects that I don't want to see but can't get rid of.  I don't know how well it theoretically works, though, because it is based on ratings, and there are several reasons why I intentionally don't rate projects in many cases.  Looking at my current recommendations, 12 of the 40 have fewer than 10 ratings, so at least it's not all games that are already widely popular.  None that have ratings have less than a 4-star average, though.  I expect that games with few ratings are easily tanked by one or two downratings, both here and elsewhere.

I have to wonder if a lot of people never browse beyond the "popular" tab, for whatever reason.  People often complain about an overwhelming glut of horror games on Itch, but I hardly ever see them, and that is probably because I don't look at the popular section.