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It's a well-made game with a good idea at the base. It also has a good premise and scope, and an atmosphere which is functional to that; the various game elements feel very cohesive. I like it overall. 

There are 2 big flaws for me. The first one are the randomized, endless levels. I would have much preferred an adventure mode with "handcrafted" levels which have a beginning and an end, as this would allow for a more refined difficulty and a more sofisticated level design, which, as it is, is far too simple.

The second one is that the fundamental game mechanic doesn't allow for a much deep gameplay, it's too simple and more suited for a mobile game.


Thanks for the feedback Clodi! Currently there's 7 levels being randomized to be spawned as 10 levels, and +2 being the start and end. The idea of having a handcrafted levels is really good, I'll take a look at this! :)
As for the game mechanic, I'll try thinking of more ways for the wisp to assist Millie to give more depth on the gameplay. Thanks a lot for trying out the game! Cheers~