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Pretty cool looking game! I'm not a designer, but I think it needs to be explained a little more clearly what all the terms mean. I can't figure out how to play :P

I see. Did you print out the sheet? Tell me a bit about what was difficult to understand so I can word things a little clearer. Really appreciate the feedback.

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It makes more sense on second reading, but I was a bit thrown by the term "payout stock", thinking it was a special thing. If I read that with the sheet in front of me, it makes a little more sense. I just think the term "payout stock" might need to be clarified or the fact it is based on the game sheet should be clarified.

For jam purposes, it probably would have been wise to put the play sheet ABOVE all the cards. As I try to keep things moving when rating games (like a lot of people do), I think I didn't scroll all the way to the bottom once I got to the cards, as I had no intention of printing and actually playing the game (ain't nobody got time for that) so I probably missed the game sheet the first time looking at it.


lol yeah with 1000 submissions. But hey I'm super thankful you too the time out to at least take a peek at my game. I tried yours it stumped me. I did realize I needed to click on something to proceed ha ha. 

I'll keep all that in mind and improve!