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Yeah, I agree with acoto87. It's a good concept, but it has a problem of pace: when it is moving, it is too slow, when you want to reward/punish an action, maybe the action changes all of a suden and you rewarded/punished and action that you didn't want to. And manually changing the speed all the time is no fun. So yeah, it shoud either be turn based, or it should slow down when there is a moment of learning (when you have to reward/punish) and everything else at normal speed.


Yeah those are totally fair points. Making it turn based I think is the best solution to those issues (I wish I'd have thought of this!). If I pause after each action for input and make the movement a bit faster that gets around the problem of having to wait for the parrot to walk across a longer stretch of the screen as well, since you can hammer the key quickly if you want. Thanks so much for playing and sharing your thoughts!