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Neat! I made a kinda similar game as my first game (is it a trope that every beginner has to make a frog game lol?),  but there are levels and win/lose conditions, hurt/healing and hidden states, as well as a nifty chain-scoring system that is the core of the experience. It’s not on itch yet, but released on the LowresNX site under ‘Release’, though I still add stuff to it. It’s basically in a demo state now. When it gets further down the road I’ll release it here. The most fun part was programming the flies. Every time I thought: “this is going to be a cool affect” it fell flat on its face and I would try again.  Good stuff! 

I'm glad you enjoyed it, thank you for the kind comment. I look forward to playing your frog game when it comes to Itch :D