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I just completed a playthrough of Tatsuki, and experienced a glitch to comedic effect. It's more than likely due to me doing a bunch of back and forth of each page to remind myself if context etc. and confusing the game, tbh, so I don't think it something that needs fixed.

Anyway, I had the chat with Juuichi at the bus stop where you start to dig into his interests, and his pop up says "Juuichi is enjoying this." For literally the rest of the game, that pop-up just stayed there haha! It just kept making me giggle, like when I was having very heart felt conversations with Tatsu, and I guess Juuichi is somewhere behind a bush like "hell yeah Nishimura, you've got this!" I friggin' love this game!

Also just as a random side note, of all of the updated sprites when compared to the originals, I simply LOVE Juuichi's the most. The differences in his facial expressions are so subtle yet significant for his reserved character. It makes it so every time I get a smile or a blush out of him, I feel a bit proud and giddy haha. Seriously, amazing work folks!


Sorry for my late reply. I lost all my data and had to create a new account. Would nice to see at least this Juuichi style's smile made it to the future style he will have. Also like the idea of Hiroyuki training with Juuichi like you mentioned me two months ago.