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Woah, it became interesting with the events that transpire. The mystery element adds a nice touch 馃憣

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Can't wait to see what this update has in store 馃悊 Edit: (I corrected my anthro emoji mistake XD)

Love the daddy 馃槏  I want to be hugged and stay in his big chest. My, how he attracted me. I want him to spoil me more with his words.

Didn't you had a similar message below but with another image? 馃槄  Perhaps you forgot because it was sometime ago, but it's there.

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Is there another specific choice? I tried those two choices but it didn't give me the scene. Does one have to do something else?

It's a good idea to check his Twitter visual novel account, so that you know which route is next. Right now, the next public update is of Gabriel (my favorite because he is sweet 馃槉). But there's a possibility that the update after this one is of Ken, my second favorite. Hope we can help him trust Grey more.

Do you need to rest? Don't push yourself just because you couldn't put the update yesterday. Things happen that are beyond our control every now and then.

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The two upwards are in Ray's route. You must select the choices that you haven't choose, if you have had no luck 馃槄  His route is different, so acting shy and reserved with him won't give you enough points to unlock them. Keep in mind that the one where he wants to do reconciliation with you know who is different, but thankfully that one's not too difficult.

Edit: I only got the first two of Ray's route. The one where he is shirtless is unknown to me (as I decided to rest after playing a lot yesterday 馃槄). Tomorrow (if everything goes well), the creator will launch the next public update.

No worries. I'll surely find a way (or device) eventually.

Hi there. Was wondering if future updates will have data/memory compresed. It's alright if it's not possible. I don't want to add to the weight of having a small team making this game. I'll have to buy a device with more memory sooner or later.

I know what I'm going to do this summer! 馃惢

Have to admit that would love to see more of Gabriel route not only because of his kindness, but also because I like some advancements of that time. Not that I lived them personally, as belong to the 3rd/4th generation consoles.

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It depends. The author is passing through a hard time.

Happy to hear it! Sorry for not replying sooner. Stay safe and healthy!

LostMemories communityCreated a new topic Please be ok

Here's hoping you can recover.

Might try the bootloader option since I factory reset a month ago and didn't notice much difference. Sorry for taking too long to reply. I distracted myself playing videogames. Thanks for suggesting the bootloaders! I'll try them.

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Perhaps is a case by case? My tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab a) bought in 2019 has been having crashes on most visual novels except Identity. Borrows has been the one that has the less crashes but can crash from time to time. Edit: Forgot to mention it started happening since I updated my tablet 3 or more months ago. Before that, it was rare to have crashes on my tablet.

Roux looks nice! On another note, it seems us Android users will have to move to PC or Laptop, because the crash and other problems won't be solved by samsung. I won't say much, but things aren't looking pretty for anyone with low income.

Something I really liked about the soon old style of Juuichi, is his brown eyes, as it give him more soul. Would be nice to see those eyes in the new style when it releases. Perhaps it will resonate with others. Of course, I'll understand if the team has already decided to give him the original color to his eyes.

Sorry for my late reply. I lost all my data and had to create a new account. Would nice to see at least this Juuichi style's smile made it to the future style he will have. Also like the idea of Hiroyuki training with Juuichi like you mentioned me two months ago.

Hi Keo! Hope you are doing alright. Is there a Bj酶rn update in the next months? Have been missing my sweet bear since October's update 馃槉