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I know my English is very poor, but I still try to express my thoughts:

I've played a lot of horror games or horror games-Like, and I'll never forget the horror that Resident Evil 1 and 2 brought me, and the depressing feeling that Silent Hill 1 and 2 brought me. Also Parasite Eve, Fear Effect, Clock Tower and more…

This game is unique in a world overrun with so many "FPS jumping horror hide-and-seek games", like an oasis in a desert filled with sandstorms and mirages.

Today's horror survival games also have RESH-LIKE such as "Tormented Souls", "Back in 1995", "Murder House" and so on.

This game alisa is very special, yes, very special, not relying on a lot of jumping horror, not relying on blood and rotten flesh, and has its own unique side. It contains a lot of elements, all of which are very well grasped:

Tank movement and camera perspective: oh yes! I love this, I'm like a man behind the scenes watching alisa's every move. A lot of times the enemies are hidden from view and I have to use my voice to identify them, the clown killer and the garden guard are the ones that impressed me the most. In the garden, I walked to the screen, only to be hit in the face with a "spike" by the garden guard.

Limited item management: The game is the same as PE2, the number of enemies and items is limited, I can't waste it. In each area, I have to consider whether to kill the enemy for money, or give up the kill and avoid it. Pick up items I need or give away at the store. So, there are times when I have to waste a gear in exchange for a save to test out these new weapons and clothes. Players can carry two weapons in the game. The separate setting of item and weapon management is very simple and convenient, and I don't need to think about backpacks.

My overall review:

There is a bug in the revolver, the fish scale suit is only used once in the pool maze, and the night travel with 40% defense is not very useful.

A worthy NPC: DOLL with a broken leg, the only NPC in the game that is friendly to you. You can choose to kill her or help her. Just like "Soul" and "Blood Source", you choose the ending of the NPC yourself. In boss battles, Doll is a strong teammate, helping you attract firepower and allow you to attack with enough time. Then she was kidnapped by the black old Doll...

Unique boss battle: Although there are relatively few bosses in the game, each boss (and elite enemies) has its own unique way of action. Starting from the Kraken, the boss battle is more and more like a "soul", but In the end, the BOSS "Gibbon" made me feel very disappointed, both in terms of shape and strength. I thought there would be an epic battle after that. After escaping from the depression, I had a decisive battle with the huge boss who broke out of the ground... But, I was disappointed. In the later update, there will be a nemesis, that is, the old black doll, hoping to make up for the weak problem of the final boss.

Open world: Many puzzles in the game are still set around looking for clues and items to open the door, and the puzzles have no repetitive content. Many times I see new types of enemies on the road and I have to kill them to test their strength and harvest. After evaluation, I determine which ones should be eliminated and which ones outweigh the gains. In the later stage, on the way to making bombs, I scoured all the locations by the way, hoping to solve the kidnapped doll first, but unfortunately, the door has not been updated... I am too early to draw conclusions.

Special art: I like dolls very much, and I like beautiful machinery, I also make doll toys, of course, I also make some other monster toys, I love toys. (IS NOT SEXDOLL!) So the first time I was drawn to dolls and gear. The heroine's clothes in the propaganda are somewhat similar to Crazy Alice, YES, I also made Alice's doll... sorry, digress. The setting in the game is an underground palace with various styles, a villa style similar to Resident Evil, a water palace, underground? garden? ...and the circus. These are all my favorite scenes. The "enemies" in the game are not like Resident Evil uses the Uncanny Valley and Cthulhu style, nor does Silent Hill use the "Hellraiser" style. While not visually strong, they are impressive because they have a level of intensity that you might not expect in addition to their unique behavior.

Special Players' Quest: Remember the lie of "Resident Evil 2 Hidden Character Akuma"? For this reason, I once cleared RE2 (T_T) with a knife alone, but unfortunately there is no reward. In this game, players can try not to kill the enemy, complete melee combat, kill all, save NPCs and other gameplay requirements. Like "Axiom Verge2".

Fetish choice: I admit, alisa has a good body and good clothes... (my friend told me.) Actually, I am a little bit against Jill's evening dress in Resident Evil 3. I don't have much idea about alisa's clothes (friends: bunny girl, maid!). At the beginning, I thought alisa had become DOLL, or something like Terminator. When she took off her clothes, she was wearing underwear similar to Neil 2B...

This alisa can be said to be one of the works that I have been able to calm down and fully explore in the past 10 years. I haven't felt this way for a long time: I want to move forward, but I don't know what will happen, what will be the next me waiting outside the door . I'm looking for clues, what's waiting for me when I get back, what's going to hunt me down? How much ammo do I need, what weapon, which weapon to choose next, which outfit to choose, or give up the fight and save the ammo. In future updates, I will be more wary of new enemies and the "Old Black Doll" that follows me around. I have recommended this work to many players in the circle, and I hope the author can continue to update the following content.