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Dear Mr Creators

I understand and i'm aware that you can only handle as much mail as you can so if your reading this, then i'm so happy that i could reach rare kinds of people who clearly pave their content and projects in a very creative and artistic matter.

I'm highly aware of how amazing this game is. i played it myself, the bots are a bit difficult to manage as you would lag a bit from proximity to them. 

I haven't explored the endings but looking on you tube... it doesn't look like there are multiple...

Perhaps that's because its a bit difficult to accomplish that, but you made it feel like my choices have value like the number of times you get caught and choosing who lives or dies. this game is a emotional success, but you don't need to hear it from me.

Also thumbs up because you talk to your fans, not many creators do that... for some reason.

Lastly the thing that was interesting the most was how if you somehow think about the truth earlier in the game... Matt seemed rational and yet we had no control over his anger seeing the developer... he is seen to be playing it cool as he plays along but if he was more perceptive and cautious like not hitting the guy but talking to him, he would have played his cards right.

But in essence the scenario you masterfully crafted here is survival and behind-the-scenes manipulation. if you can craft this level of storytelling while messing with the player then i HIGHLY doubt that you would have trouble making a part 2. 

yours sincerely-

the987tails         -really just someone who played a great game. :D

p.s. - good luck out there.

Hi 987tails,

Thanks for getting in touch, we do our best to answer any comments, as really interacting with fans / players is a huge part of the experience for us and we really enjoy it :)

You're correct in there not being multiple endings, though there are various events during the game that only occur if you perform certain actions / choices, so keep an eye out for those! The achievements hint at a few. In the full version of the game we fully intend to incorporate a variety of endings :D

It's awesome to hear how much you enjoyed the game, we really appreciate the kind words! Captive Audience was definitely a passion project so it's great to hear people liked it :D

With Matt's behaviour you essentially have to look at it as two characters. Matt himself, who is full of rage and despair and hit situation, And the Matt he is forced to be on camera, positive, calm and engaged. He's been stuck on this show for five years, So mentally separating himself is a survival mechanism.

This of course starts to break down with the stress of the game though, And that's where you see the most extreme reactions!

Again though thank you so much for your kind words :D We really hope our Kickstarter succeeds so we can do Part 2! There's a lot of story left to tell.

Nick and the Captive Minds team.