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hey!--I liked this game, but couldn't figure it out.

Is there anything else to do after you see the doctor? I played through the whole thing three times, the 2nd two times scouring every corner for hidden keys...I never found the generator or master key, or the first floor stairway key. The doctor kills me every time after the ladder falls. The door is other options but to run into him. Then he kills you in a cutscene, with all those doors left unopened.

Is that the actual ending?

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Yeah that's the ending. As I made this game in 10 days I didn't really have time to do much better unfortunately. Glad to hear you got lots of play time out of it though ;P. I'm currently working on a small update which will add a few more places to visit, improve the ending, and fill out the story a bit better. That will probably be released in the next few days, but until then that's the full extent of the game.

Edit: Currently you have no access to the master key( it is basically just a "Door is jammed" substitute) However I do plan on adding a "Master key mode" unlocked by fully exploring the game and reading all the notes.

Damn it! Haha.

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Hey the update is out. I promise there's much more to discover now.

Thanks for letting me know, I'm grabbing it now. Cheers!

ooh turns out the original ending is broken in the current version -_-


So the only two endings now are when you find the front door key in two different areas and then the scientist catches you? There's no other ending, correct?