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Geonjaha answered it, as for the profit just think how they do it. Honestly we do not know how they pick their coverage on which game they choose. Most of these reviewers are new people hired by the press, they could also be very very disrespectful to other sites because they believe their jobs might be endangered if they were showing anything else. Also people have pressure the press to only cover Steam because players demand it and they can get them to read or watch it, they make money by doing the easy way. Another one is that the press is paid to review the games, we can never find any information about this but the possibility of this kind of scandal is real.

So ya, i made this thread and poll to see if there is any real answer, right now only 1% did get rejected but no real answers to how and why. My game has been rejected since i never get any reply back from any news reporters. There needs to be answers to how stuff works or else people with power get to stomp people.