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really fun game with surprising depth. i just wish it was a little more casual friendly.

from what i can see, it feels like fallout karma(lewdness in this case), meets tracer meets some sort of time traveller story, which i guess fits in with the inspiration taken from Tracer.

so what i mean is, for a casual player looking for a relatively casual experience, a high karma player would give dozens of bottles of water to a hobo outside megaton, and an evil character would enslave randomly generated generic npc's for Paradise Falls.

if said player wanted a less gimmicky way of doing it, they could collect fingers of criminals for good karma or ears of good/neutral people for evil karma.

i feel like if this game wants to go the route of giving us options for a similar system i would like a way to just get my boosts in a relatively believable way. 

maybe giving that guy outside the "common house" always rewards 1 point of lewdness but is limited to once a day. and as for being a prude i can imagine there being female npc's in the forest that need rescue. a light mini fight to rescue her and done. 

i realize this is asking for the world but my core complaint about this game is somewhat ironically its best feature. the depth. i had to really save scum my way to minmax my character to be as naughty as possible by choosing battles and changing choices at each junction. it got upsetting after my 5th playthrough but i still love the game as it is.

Thanks for the suggestions! We're trying to make the game be as easy to get into as possible. While we're trying to avoid too much grinding, I can see why we'd want a way to gain and remove perversion. We'll try to implement something like you suggested in a future update! The main problem is we don't want to undermine the choices the make, and again we don't want to have whatever you have to do to affect  perversion be too grindy.

We actually haven't thought of perversion as a karma system or a good or bad system, simply because we didn't want to make the slutty options seem like the evil or bad option. We don't wanna make people feel bad for wanting to see the sexy stuff. The option to remove perversion should be there though, you're right in that.

I'm glad you love the depth of the game, even if it works against us sometimes. ♥

i just want to preface this again with, i love the game and will still enjoy it for the forseeable future even if it stays as gamey as it is :)

i just have a few ease-of-access/quality of life suggestions

i wouldn't consider it a bad vs good system so much as a role system but i can see what you mean. incidentally the karma system in fallout 3 is ironically less about morals or ethics than the system's intention.

 players always look at it as a difficulty slider, it's almost universally easier and requires less skill checks to be Evil karma but you make a lot of enemies and lose access to cities or shops. effectively locking yourself out of some of the game's content.

conversely looking at good karma you have to deal with harder skill checks, often have to fight tooth and nail to protect someone especially so if you fail a speech check leading a good karma player to need not only inhumanly fast reflexes(refer to fallout 4 rescuing kent from the raiders) but also inhumanly good luck and tactical choice.

now consider this argument in favor of making this like a karma system via rebranding, log in exp bonuses vs exhausted exp status.

World of warcraft has a system that reduces how much exp you earn the longer you're logged in until eventually 50%. therefor logging in for short periods means you can earn double exp for half the effort. players hated it because they felt strongarmed or something like that.

WoW decided to fix the system and it became universally loved to the point it's in basically every mmorpg today. they changed nothing of the earlier reducing-your-exp-per-hour system, they just renamed it. now logging in is a 200% exp bonus for 5 hours instead of a "you earn only 50% exp after 5 hours" penalty.

for whatever it's worth, the game's depth and availability to you regardless of your perversion level is a great mechanic and is only tiring when the player feels compelled to stick to only one path with little indication beyond intuition on what their "correct path" is.

runner-up suggestions

-make the chat text more accessible the way fallout 3 and 4 do by adding bracketed skill checks and coloring the text between say pink for affection, green for prudish, white for neutral, and purple for lewd. this solves the earlier complaint of save-scumming to get the lewdest/loveliest reward without adding cheat-y ways to grow your stats.

-tactical analysis skill as an option in action/combat scenes. for one unit of energy, same as vibro-dash, the player can have jenna assess how the battle might play out. for example vs leath, jenna can be asked to analyze the fight and she'll respond 

"(light purple or purple with 1-out-of-5 ticks):if i let her capture me now, i can get close to her with minimal effort for a surprise attack! 

(deep purple or with 5/5 ticks): but if i kick her ass, i get to show her who's boss! i just hope my vibro-suit can hold out"

you would probably want your writer to choose better wording that won't spoil the surprise though haha