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Thank you! We're glad to hear you had a wonderful first impression of the game :D

1) I was hoping for a minimum of 50K words, but was recommended to aim for 70K if possible. I really don't know because it sorta depends on the characters... I have an outline but they never come out as expected as the characters sorta grow on me and interact in ways I don't always predict. I guess that's how organic I work with this title lol. So my current goal is to write as much as I can but avoid filler if possible ^_^; I'll probably cap at 100K if it miraculously gets there. My style tends to be screenplay mostly so it's a lot harder to go big.

2) Yes you're correct! I've attached a character card that I've had on our studio Twitter and Tumblr.

3) LOL I can't say without spoiling. It "is" and "isn't" as interesting as some people may imagine. It does relate to the lizards I mentioned earlier haha and science. This is my fault for being a biology major at heart.

Thank you again for all the questions! I'll discuss with the team what to do after the KS ends for contributions.

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1. Glad to here that. I also think it's better to let the story and characters naturally evolve as you work with them.
2. I had to be blind to not notice that! >.< I read your posts on tumblr and Updates on KS after writing these questions... I should have read them beforehand. ^^"
3. Now you got me intrigued even more. Looking forward to seeing what you've in store, but I'll probably end up doing a bit of research myself, in an attempt to find out what your plans might be. c:

One more question if I may. What is then plan if the KS fails? Is there some failsafe plan for how to fund the creation of the VN even without KS?

Lol good luck with #3 ;)

Honestly I'm not entirely sure... Not that I'm saying I'm super positive we'll make the 8.5K minimum but eh... it's possible. My dev friends that ran KS for their projects say mine looks like it's in decent shape, the lull of 3rd week is pretty rough to watch. We'll have a much better idea next week when everyone is in promotion mode. Worse case scenario, there's always the idea of delaying the game or cutting things out of the game. There will also be no physical goods and most of the digital goods will be nixed.


As a final note, I'm unsure if you ever considered such an option, but if you guys were to work on more titles than this one, I think it'd be worth looking into setting up a Patreon.

It'd make for a more stable source of funds for you, as KS is a swim-or-sink type of deal, and I'm sure you'd get a lot of people in time if you were to dedicate yourself to such venture. There are a lot of small/medium studios creating VNs and they have a pretty decent income from the donators.

Thanks for the suggestion. Patreon is a lot of work so it needs to be a team discussion. I'll be sure to bring it up.