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Lol good luck with #3 ;)

Honestly I'm not entirely sure... Not that I'm saying I'm super positive we'll make the 8.5K minimum but eh... it's possible. My dev friends that ran KS for their projects say mine looks like it's in decent shape, the lull of 3rd week is pretty rough to watch. We'll have a much better idea next week when everyone is in promotion mode. Worse case scenario, there's always the idea of delaying the game or cutting things out of the game. There will also be no physical goods and most of the digital goods will be nixed.


As a final note, I'm unsure if you ever considered such an option, but if you guys were to work on more titles than this one, I think it'd be worth looking into setting up a Patreon.

It'd make for a more stable source of funds for you, as KS is a swim-or-sink type of deal, and I'm sure you'd get a lot of people in time if you were to dedicate yourself to such venture. There are a lot of small/medium studios creating VNs and they have a pretty decent income from the donators.

Thanks for the suggestion. Patreon is a lot of work so it needs to be a team discussion. I'll be sure to bring it up.