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Stealing the Throne is a GMless RPG for 3-5 players, with no prep involved! You play as a group of thieves trying to heist a powerful mecha. It reminds me of a number of Gundam anime that start with kids stealing the latest Gundams to fight the empire.

Mechanically, the players take turn playing one of the thieves trying to get to the mecha, with another playing the Throne, setting up obstacles. The rest of the players are backups, helping the Throne add details to the scene, and potentially assisting the thief. Once every thief has gotten to the mecha (or die trying), they can make a dramatic escape! Even if all the thieves made it to the mecha, some of them will die during the getaway, and there might even be a traitor hiding among them! If any of the thieves made out with the mecha, the players can play out an epilogue of what is going to happen next.

There are some really clever mechanics with the game. I love the alert level which makes the Throne more dangerous if a thief has previous been detected. I also love that the mecha has multiple systems, which can be powered up during the escape to help the thieves in their getaway. Stealing the Throne manages to create an expansive world with just under 40 pages. The intro about the Thrones is very well written, and each of the four included playsets add depth to the lore. I highly recommend this game!