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Although the graphics were good, I wasn't too impressed with the setup and execution. 

- The combat is ridiculous. You can't injure enemies with the club without them injuring you. It seems like enemies have a longer reach than the player, making it more likely you'll take more damage than they will in a fight. It'd be one thing if the club was supposed to be a last resort for people who wasted ammo or who didn't play the game effectively, but it's the first weapon you get so your setting a precedent for the rest of the game.

- Trying to run passed an enemy isn't really practical since the hallways are so narrow they can still hit you. I also didn't see too many alternate routes to get around enemies  (except the area you enter after you get the gun) so I'm guessing you want players to fight them, not run from them.

- Early in the game, the player needs to enter a darkened room with a maze like set-up while an enemy is after you. This doesn't sit well with me since you need to stop and light candles all while an enemy is after you. Not only is it not practical, it's not something a person would do in this kind of situation; most people would grab the candle and use it as a light source. In Resident Evil, the passageways were lit up enough so you knew where you could go and, in knowing this, could avoid enemies and or take the least amount of damage. In this case, it comes down to trial and error.

- Why are enemies able to move through fences? I was pretty shocked when that happened. I'm guessing this is to avoid them getting stuck.

- The spawn location or the location the enemies are at is not always constant, which I don't think was your intent. For example, after getting the gun and going through the curtain, there was a zombie nurse right beside the door. How was I supposed to prepare for that when it takes the camera a good 2 seconds to catch up with my character?

- Trying to aim in narrow spaces is bad since any obstacles or walls near or behind your character will get in the way of aiming, which is a shame considering that a large amount of the game is comprised of narrow hallways.

- The saving mechanic may need some work. I saved after getting the frozen meat. When I loaded the game, the meat was gone and it wasn't in the freezer anymore so I needed to restart the game.

- For the weird alien looking lights that explode or secrete gas, maybe have something that teaches you this before it literally blows up in your face and the player thinks (how was I supposed to know that). For example, maybe have a corpse on the ground next to one of those exploded things.

tenchfroast62 made some good points (some really good ones). I wish you luck in developing this further.