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This was a fun change of pace game, but imo it was very difficult right off the bat. The highest I ever got was difficulty 10 and I only got to chunk the boss to about 50% hp. Overall, I love that there were many different path to the top, at least that's how it felt to me. My first few tries were very hard because I did not realize my ult charged up so fast. If you could make the sound and visual for "Ult is ready" a little flashier, I think it would help a lot. The boss seemed to have SOOO much HP. I'm guessing I was supposed to collect as many of the buffs as possible before facing him. I only collected 2 on my final run, which is maybe why I felt like I hit like a noodle. The frozen fire boomerang thing was pretty cool, but I honestly found myself using it more to clear blocks than for the freeze effect. Overall, I think this was a fun, but difficult, change of pace game. Keep up the good work!

Leo (Rei's friend)

Hey Leo,

Thanks so much for playing and for your excellent feedback.  I'm definitely hearing that the game is challenging-- I may have to make some balance changes to the difficulty in a future update!   I would definitely like to add a more obvious notification for the Ultimate, too.   As far as boss health, still balancing that, too.  More powerups will certainly help with that fight, as well as getting there ASAP so he's not as strong.  I really appreciate the feedback, thank you!