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Jordan T. Smith

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Thanks for the feedback!  This was one of my first games but is still an old favorite.  Maybe I will revisit it one day and make a more polished version.  I appreciate you playing it!

One of my faves.  I come back to play this every now and then for a good laugh.  Great concept!

Thanks so much for playing and for the feedback, man!

Hey Leo,

Thanks so much for playing and for your excellent feedback.  I'm definitely hearing that the game is challenging-- I may have to make some balance changes to the difficulty in a future update!   I would definitely like to add a more obvious notification for the Ultimate, too.   As far as boss health, still balancing that, too.  More powerups will certainly help with that fight, as well as getting there ASAP so he's not as strong.  I really appreciate the feedback, thank you!

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Hey Snyper, I'm so glad you liked it!  Thanks for the comment and please come back soon, more updates to come.  Thanks again!

Thanks so much for your detailed response!  I really appreciate it!  Yes, I need to work on balancing some of the damage/health ratios in the game for sure.  Still working on that.  Thanks for being Rei's friend and thanks for playing!  Come back soon, I'll be updating the game very regularly!  Also, I really enjoy the Blade Runner reference in your name.  Fave movie ever.  Thanks again for the feedback!

Thanks so much for playing!  Still balancing the difficulty level.  Come back soon!