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As you know, we had a lot of fun with Fixalot on stream! Props to all your amazing voice actors as well! 🥰 I wrote short recaps of all the submissions for our blog, let me just add this here:

Fixalot follows the adventures of a handy-slug that has to fix the local power station as the castle suffers from a blackout, forcing all the kingdom’s animals to stop their party. On the way, you encounter all kinds of different animals, creatures and of course: puzzles.

What really stands out in Fixalot, besides all the funny situations and dialogues, is the voice acting. Studio Hazy managed to bring professional voice actors on board and it shows! While we always have fun doing the voice acting ourselves on stream, we were happy to step back and let the voice actors shine in this one. Also, are teeth bones?

Cheers for the write up, the voice actors were great to work with!