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And here's one for ease of drawing (smaller, with leech extended):

Also, aforementioned "tan-blue" species is actually different from the image you found. That's the slightly older version.

Here's how it looks like in-game currently:

thanks for sharing! yeah, the tan-blue guy image i have is older. i also found an old concept art for adena, still pretty modern though. i actually used allot of youtube thumbnail images to recreate the the other two species im missing, the army green/orange horseshoe crab style guy and the bone species that isn't leech as i've been calling him (the leech boss is giving me grief, currently)

thanks for posting those! i'll definitely revise my current reference drawings thanks to these. gimme a minute and i'll post the old ref sheet i drew up. I know non-leech bony guy's mouth is wrong as well as one of leech's parts.