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Design a creature and eat your way to the top of the food chain. · By Sipho, Dominas, DanTM

These are pretty cool things.

A topic by Rubber Soul created Aug 07, 2018 Views: 412 Replies: 21
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somehow got past every boss as the leech dude.

btw shock eater and the crustacean guy is op


Those creatures of yours are indeed pretty cool.

Here's one of mine:

Free Roam is fun

If only there was a sandbox mode...


Kickass stuff, guys!

Do you mind if we shared your creations on Sipho twitter?

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I don't mind at all

In fact...

have some more to share

This one is based on the "long range spike" idea you posted, utilizing the "pushing" feature of a certain Eater zooid to make this entire creature charge forward and extend its spikes to impale its foes. Scarily effective.

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Here's another

Just a generic killing machine.


And just one more...

This one was made to be as accurate to a real-life siphonophore as possible

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Oops, did I say "just one more"?

Because there's more where that came from...

Guess who's back...

...that's right. It's back from the old days. 3 layers of Flak still does wonders, even if the range is not what it used to be.


The above was not the only boss that was recreated...

Yep. The Advena boss. I even gave it some much-needed upgrades...

Now that is a killing machine!


Not done yet...!

This peculiar specimen is essentially a "poison sprinkler", being able to spin and emit huge plumes of poison in an area around it. The "pusher" zooid has so much potential...

(+1) much so, that I experimented on it with the "Flak" zooid, and produced this...

...and thus, the long-ranged Wall of Flak was born(with long-ranged poison on the sides for good measure)!

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To celebrate the naming of the Queen of Poison, I've decided to give it a makeover, like the Advena Boss.

Of course, I first had to recreate the Queen of Poison herself (after all, who wouldn't want to play as a boss?)

And, after much farming in free-roam, I present to you: The Emperor of Corrosion.

I think I went a little too for with this one

Late reply, but i don't mind.


hey can somebody post images of the species after purple guy, with one each of their parts? I wanna draw them and need references on the parts to help.

I know they are not the best i took them with my phone camera. I cant seem to get past boney-boss for all his minion spam f***ery. I dont need the blue-tan guy because i found this image:

If you could do thait it'd be awesome thanks!


If by that you mean the Bone-like species (???), then I might as well show off one of my creations:

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And here's one for ease of drawing (smaller, with leech extended):

Also, aforementioned "tan-blue" species is actually different from the image you found. That's the slightly older version.

Here's how it looks like in-game currently:

thanks for sharing! yeah, the tan-blue guy image i have is older. i also found an old concept art for adena, still pretty modern though. i actually used allot of youtube thumbnail images to recreate the the other two species im missing, the army green/orange horseshoe crab style guy and the bone species that isn't leech as i've been calling him (the leech boss is giving me grief, currently)

thanks for posting those! i'll definitely revise my current reference drawings thanks to these. gimme a minute and i'll post the old ref sheet i drew up. I know non-leech bony guy's mouth is wrong as well as one of leech's parts.

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also i realize the 2nd skeleton dude (the one that doesnt have the nerve bundle part) is actually in the game gallery's second screen cap, although it's not the clearest.The head shape on this last guy ^

is giving me trouble, that raised brow makes him look angry. I'll need to get good to draw the crab looking guy. Also i messed up the skeletal guy's connector (not leech, the one o've called osteod



Also, how do you make those awesome creatures? is there a more open mode after you beat the third boss or something?

Pardon my inactiveness, I was on a short trip

And yes, after beating the 

/!\ Spoiler Warning /!\

Fourth* Boss (Advena Boss, because the ??? Boss, as hard as it is, isn't the final one), you will enter Free Roam mode. My creations basically hinge on a lot of Free Roam farming (enemies spawn infinitely there, along with natural-spawning nutrient pieces), so they can take quite some time to make.