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I knew this would be fantastic, but wow - it was even more stunning  than I though it would be. Mr. Skutnik, I have been playing your games for almost 20 years. They're all fabulous. This one, to me, is a masterpiece. Artistically, the imagery is strange, sad, and enchanting. As for the puzzles, they are clever but never infuriating. IMHO, all point-and-click/escape/puzzle games should be evaluated in the light of your masterpieces.  

I'm fairly sure I have now played all of your works other than Submachine 10: The Exit. TBH, I almost don't want to play it because I don't want it to end. Here's wishing you a very warm, happy, and productive New Year, one which will see you creating another game or two that we can have the pleasure of purchasing.    

Bravo, esteemed artist.


Thank you. Much appreciated.