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Sure, though, just to mention, you may not meet them all in the same route. 

Duchess Matilde di Parisi: the MC and Frederique's mother. She is a large part of, and some might say the driving force behind, the action in the first game and she is just as determined to exert her influence here as well. 

Cosima Venitti: Sofia's mother. She is thrilled her daughter is married, resolving their previous financial troubles, and is spending more and more time with her eldest daughter, Sofia, now her two younger children are away at boarding school.

Marc De Souza: Charlotte's younger brother. Now fourteen years old, Marc is lively, headstrong and obsessed with the coming war (a forgone conclusion in his mind) and the 'glory of battle' much to the displeasure of his parents.

King Auguste I of Segunda: the current ruler of Segunda. Guillaume's father, Leopold's nemesis and everyone else's headache. The king is extremely angry to be facing an uprising so late on in his rule, especially after the death of his friend and seneschal, Master Corin.

Vesela Brovik: Despite only being in her early twenties, she one of the higher-ranking members of the mediators' delegation sent from Alvardia. Clever and  even-tempered in the face of provocation, she wants nothing more than for peace to continue in Segunda.

Count Pieto Triste: An older nobleman and head of House Triste, his lands comprise the city of Martz and were once a country in their own right, albeit a small one. Conquered over five hundred years prior by the neighbouring country of Albadriech and then given to Segunda as part of a peace settlement between the two powers, House Triste has been pressing for the country's independence ever since.

Sir Mathys Aurele: A young man and former knight to the noble House Cesair, he counts friends from both sides of the conflict and never seems short of coin or influence despite his current circumstances.

Okay, that would be all of them (unless I start writing and realise what I believed would be a much smaller role is suddenly getting a lot of screen time ^_^). 

I hope that has sated your curiosity somewhat. ^_^

Many thanks for reading