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one more thing, allowing the palyer to keep more than two new gained parts, but limiting them to two per level, would allow for a level of tactical thought that would be interesting. To facilitate this it would be good to have an in-between loadout menu, in which you have the full catalog of parts you've collected, but you can only take 2 of any given part type into the next level to build with (like how it is set up now, but you chose from what you have). Another good idea would be to have a suggestion marker on parts the player would want to have, based on the upcoming boss. You don't have to go into detail as to why the part is reccomended, just have a little iconover and to the right of the suggested part, like an arrow or claw mark. I understand though that with the game as far along as it is this kind of feature may be difficult to implement.

finally beat 2nd boss! It took a combo of poison belching feeders, and a pair of nerve fibers! Also i see i was mistaken about how many of a given part you can have.