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Hi Red,

Yes great, that would work.  Let me know when you have the folder up and I can purchase it.  Thanks.


Awesome =)

The folder is up now on the page. 

Thanks.  Yeah I purchased for $10, like I proposed prior, the Jun V2 stuff.  Can I simply credit you as "Red Baby" - Art/Illustrator for Jun, when my game is complete?  

Thanks  a bunch Neal! 

Sure you can credit as Red Baby but could you also put in brackets 'Red Chan' next to it since I'm going to be transitioning to that username over the next couple of months. 

Please also let me know when you finish the game since I like seeing how people use my art. =)

No sweat. Actually I can tell you a little bit about the game, its a cool, detective puzzle game where you have to solve crimes and murders based on a certain selection of items for each case.  The player gets scored on how well they put the clues together and in how many moves.  Jun who I've renamed "Detective Reeves," is this under cover, detective character who is there like an aid for the player, offering up good crime solving tips.  It will probably take me like month or so to finish the game and I hope to have it up on the App Store by then.  

Thinking about it, for another $10 could you do another Jun sprite set, this time with him wearing a nice leather jacket and shades, it will be cool to mix up his image a bit in the game.  Thanks Red.

Kind Regards,


Hi Neal
Your game sounds really interesting, I like murder mystery games so I'd be pretty keen to play. I'll see if I can make a version of Jun wearing different clothes but it might take me a while to release since I have a few projects to work on. 

I'll let you know when I release it though.


Cool, please do.  Try and make him look cool and snazzy and a bit "detective" type would be great.  I plan to release the game say end of September, Early October.  Still have a lot of levels to complete, going for about 100! It should work on your iPhone or iPad. Thanks.