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i really enjoyed playing the game, to start off, graphic wise, it looks really good. you guys really put a lot work into, it can been seen by how detailed the house setting was, from the little knick knacks on the tables to the torn up paper wall covers (or whatever they are called lol) it runs really smooth, did experience one little glitch where the mannequins hand  auto connects to the mannequins arm part, it set up incorrectly, it made me crack up; but other than that i didn't  really experience any other glitches.    also the mystery revolving the mannequin drew me into wanting to find out what really happened to the family and the mystery revolving the missing girl and how they could potentially be a connection between them? (spooky bro) i hope this game gets a full release or maybe there is one already?

anyways amazing job on the game. keep up the good work guys!