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I'm getting compile errors running window_frame in GMS 1.4.1567 on 64 bit windows 7:

Compile Extensions...
Error : gml_Script_window_frame_update(14) : unknown function or script trace

Error : gml_Script_window_set_topmost(2) : unknown function or script bool

Error : gml_Script_window_frame_init(3) : unknown function or script int64

Error : gml_Script_window_frame_get_rect(4) : unknown function or script array_create

Any idea what this could be?

Your GMS1 version is way too old, you’ll have to update to at least 1.4.1763 unless you’re willing to figure out GML workarounds for each of these functions (except trace - that’s an unused log script - create an empty one with return argument[0] inside)

Confirming that this worked.  Ty for replying on the forums as well.