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Thanks to Markiplier I've come across your games, played all three of them in one evening and have to say say that so far, this one is my favorite (although this comment kind of serves as a review for all of them).

I love this simple but recognizable artstyle of yours. Whether it was out of necessity or on purpose it added a lot to the uniqueness of the little universe you've created.

I also love the repeating symbols and themes throughout your games as it makes them feel connected.

All of them but especially "Bill's Hotel" feel very inspired by "Yume Nikki" and the music definitely added to that. Like the artstyle it was simple and repetitive but really contributed to the surreal and oppresing atmosphere especially in the city/workplace section with all the blaring noise sprinkled throughout.

Like I said, even though the artstyle seems simple you add so much details and eastereggs to explore in the environment that I played most of your games twice just to try and see everything (I even jumped up those stupid arrows just for that sign). That really shows your ability to capture the audience in the atmosphere of your world.

You also have kind of a talent for compelling visuals. From the imposing "Nuclear Corporation" or  the crooked red crosses in the mortuary (?) to the wall of rules and even simple things like the J QRZN logo from "The Confraternity of Toast". There's just a lot of imagery that stuck in my mind from your games.

You could however, work on lowering the frustration factor a bit. There is a lot of walking or awkward jumping involved that I feel like could've really been shortened down to make the experience more enjoyable.

Other than that I really fell in love with your style. Even though there are a lot of things I still don't get and leave me kind of confused, your games just scratch that itch for me that games like "Yume Nikki" or "LSD Dream Emulator" used to fulfill and not a lot of other ones could compete with since.

Please, don't stop making them. I'll be looking forward to everything you make in the future. :)

Thanks for your wonderful comment!